DevRel Strategy

Posted on Thu 06 October 2022 in devrel • Tagged with avocados, dev-advocate, strategy • 2 min read

Here's a quick view of my take on developer relations strategy.

I was chatting about DevRel and community strategy with some folks at DevOpsDays Houston after my keynote earlier this week, and I promised I'd write a bit about how I view strategy. The key thing about strategy to me …

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An Analogy about DevRel

Posted on Sat 19 March 2022 in devrel • Tagged with avocados, dev-advocate, analogy • 2 min read

So I’ve had a few folks who apparently liked my developer relations (DevRel) analogy that JJ Asghar outed for me at our panel on community building for GAN and Orbit for SXSW this year. So, since folks are asking, I'm replicating it here:

So imagine your company is a …

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Working Within Imposter Syndrome

Posted on Mon 04 November 2019 in DevRel • Tagged with dev-advocate, avocados, imposter, syndrome • 7 min read

Imposter syndrome is a huge topic to cover in tech right now. I constantly see people on Twitter bringing up their imposter syndrome when talking about their everyday jobs, their interviews, their life history. I especially see it now during the ramp up to the next conference season as CFPs …

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