Adding Logs to Legacy Applications

Posted on Fri 15 November 2019 in logs • Tagged with logging, legacy-apps • 5 min read

As the final interactive in my mini-workshop at DeveloperWeek Austin 2019, I posed the following scenario to the audience:

You have a legacy application that has not been updated in 5 years. The system is running Python 2, which is sunsetting in January 2020. The system recently had its first …

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Working Within Imposter Syndrome

Posted on Mon 04 November 2019 in DevRel • Tagged with dev-advocate, avocados, imposter, syndrome • 7 min read

Imposter syndrome is a huge topic to cover in tech right now. I constantly see people on Twitter bringing up their imposter syndrome when talking about their everyday jobs, their interviews, their life history. I especially see it now during the ramp up to the next conference season as CFPs …

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Introducing the Broken k8s Project

Posted on Tue 22 October 2019 in k8s • Tagged with kubernetes, experiment, teaching • 3 min read

One of the most common things I see with people new to development or devops is a lack of resources for them to learn good troubleshooting tactics on their own in a near-real-life environment. There are great tutorials, but I haven't been able to find a good, free sandbox filled …

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A First Dive into Python Logging

Posted on Mon 21 October 2019 in logs • Tagged with logging, python, deep-dive • 5 min read

As part of a workshop I'm preparing for, I decided to do a deep dive into Python's built-in logging module from the Python Standard Library. I always had just used the module without thinking too heavily about how it was put together or how it worked. import logging and then …

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Pelican and GitHub Pages

Posted on Sat 28 September 2019 in meta-stuff • Tagged with blog, meta, pelican, github • 3 min read

I thought I'd throw together a quick post on using Pelican with GitHub Pages and GitHub Actions.

I decided to use a Python-based static-site generator instead of Jekyll because (a) I love Python and (2) Ruby and I aren't always on the best of terms. In addition, I wanted a …

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Complexity of Logging

Posted on Wed 25 September 2019 in logs • Tagged with logging • 4 min read

I started here at LogDNA a few weeks ago, and it's funny how something as "simple" as logging can have a large load of complexity the farther down the rabbit hole you go. Now, I already had an appreciation for good, actionable logs coming in. I'm actually a big fan …

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