Conferences and Meetups

Here's a list of where I have been and where I'll be. In general, I'm at my two home meetups, Austin DevOps and Cloud Austin, as much as I can be, and I bounce around the Austin meetup scene whenever I'm in town. I'm always looking for a good DevOps meetup or hangout, so if I'm going to be in your area, feel free to reach out to me to tell me about it!

Come find me for Broken k8s Challenge Coins!

Upcoming Conferences and Meetups

Past Conferences and Meetups

  • KubeCon North America November 2019 — Portworx Booth Talk: Scaling Storage
  • GitHub Universe November 2019
  • The Lead Developer Austin November 2019
  • DeveloperWeek Austin November 2019 — Log Better
  • Austin DevOps October 2019
  • Cloud Austin October 2019
  • DevOpsDays Raleigh October 2019
  • Cloud Austin September 2019